Salem Froste

Vindicare Assassin - 'Exitus Acta Probat'


Homeworld : Hiveworld (Middle Hive)
Imperial Divination : “The wise man learns from the deaths of others”
Background Package : Sons of Dispater
Transition Package : The Art of Death
Career Path : Assassin
Rank : Imperator-Mortis
Ascended Career Path : Vindicare Assassin
Ascended Rank : 9
Ordo/Faction : Ordo Sicarius
XP spent : 13,500
XP to spend : 0

Fate points : 3
Insanity : 34
Corruption : 11
Max Wounds : 12
Current Wounds : 12


Characteristic Value Modifier
Weapon Skill 45 4
Ballistic Skill 62 6
Strength 30 3
Toughness 33 3
Agility 31 3
Intelligence 48 4
Perception 60 6
Willpower 41 4
Fellowship 43 4


Skill Char Trained +10% +20% Total Type
Acrobatics AG Y Y Advanced
Awareness PER Y Y Y Basic
Barter FEL Basic
Carouse T Basic
Charm FEL Basic
Ciphers(War Cant) INT Y Advanced
Climb S Y Basic
Command FEL Basic
Common Lore(Underworld) INT Y Advanced
Common Lore(War) INT Y Advanced
Concealment AG Y Y Y Basic
Contortionist AG Basic
Deceive FEL Basic
Disguise FEL Y Basic
Dodge AG Y Y Y Basic
Drive(Ground Vehicle) AG Y Advanced
Evaluate INT Basic
Forbidden Lore(Officio Assassinorum) INT Y Advanced
Gamble INT Basic
Inquiry FEL Y Basic
Interrogation WP Y Advanced
Intimidate S Y Basic
Lip Reading PER Y Advanced
Logic INT Basic
Navigation(Surface) INT Y Advanced
Scrutiny PER Basic
Search PER Basic
Security AG Y Advanced
Shadowing AG Y Y Y Advanced
Silent Move AG Y Y Y Basic
Speak Language(Hive Dialect) INT Y Advanced
Speak Language(Low Gothic) INT Y Advanced
Survival INT Y Advanced
Swim S Y Basic
Tech-Use INT Y Advanced
Tracking INT Y Advanced
Trait Description
Accustomed to Crowds Crowds do not count as difficult terrain
Caves of Steel Tech-Use(INT) is Basic skill
Hivebound -10 to Survival(INT). -5 to INT while out of “Proper Hab”
Wary +1 to Initiative rolls
Temple Assassin Re-roll Acrobatics, Climb, Contortionist, Swim. Extra Reactions = AG Bonus
Killing Sprint If kill made, +10 WS/BS in following round. Cumulative to +30 if kill each round
Talent Description
Melee Weapon Training(Primitive)
Unremarkable -20 to opponent trying to recognise in crowd/recall details
Thrown Weapon Training
Basic Weapon Training(SP)
Pistol Training(SP)
Basic Weapon Training(Primitive)
Basic Weapon Training(Bolt)
Pistol Training(Bolt)
Exotic Weapon Training(Needle Rifle)
Exotic Weapon Training(Needle Pistol)
Melee Weapon Training(Chain)
Catfall When fall, can test AG as free action. Successes reduce distance by AG bonus metres
Sprint Full Move = Extra AG bonus metres. Run = Double movement for 1 round. +1 Fatigue if used 2 turns in row
Crack Shot Ranged attacks that deal Critical Damage get +2 damage
Jaded Do not gain insanity from blood, death or violence except Supernatural
Rapid Reload Reload times reduced by half (round down), eg Half Action becomes Free
Mighty Shot +2 Damage with ranged weapons
Sharpshooter Called Shots do not incur -20 penalty
Lightning Reflexes Add AG bonus x2 to Initiative rolls
Marksman No penalty for shooting at Long or Extended range
Assassin Strike When making melee attack, Acrobatics test for Half Move as Free action. Opponent doesnt get free attack
Quick Draw Ready as a Free action
Hip Shooting As Full action can Full Move and single attack with pistol
Rapid Reaction When surprised/ambushed, AG test to act normally
Fearless Immune to Fear and Pinning. Must pass WP to disengage from combat/back down from fight
Deflect Shot Spend Reaction to Parry Ranged(Primitive) or Thrown attack
Hard Target When Charge or Run opponents at -20 BS until start of next turn
Step Aside May make additional Dodge once per round
Arms Master Can use untrained ranged weapons at -10 only
Weapons Class Range ROF Dmg Pen Clip Rld Special
Exitus Rifle
Exitus Pistol
Gear Description
Stealth Suit
Spy Mask
Exitus Hellfire x 1
Exitus Shield-Breaker x 1
Exitus Turbo-Penetrator x 1

Salem Froste

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