Runepriest Anders 'The Hunter' Rymdvarg

Space Wolf Runepriest and tracker


Career Path : Librarian
Current Rank : 1
XP spent : 12900
XP to spend : 100

Fate points : 3
Wounds : 22


Characteristic Value Modifier
Weapon Skill 47
Ballistic Skill 43
Strength 44 4
Toughness 46 4
Agility 40 4
Intelligence 50 5
Perception 53 5
Willpower 48 4
Fellowship 53 5


Skill Char Trained +10% +20% Total
Awareness PER Yes 53
Barter FEL No 27
Carouse T No 23
Charm FEL Yes 53
Ciphers:Chapter Runes Int Yes 50
Climb S Yes 44
Command FEL No 27
Common Lore:Adeptus Astartes INT Yes 50
Common Lore:Deathwatch INT Yes 50
Common Lore:Imperium INT Yes 50
Common Lore:War INT Yes 50
Concealment AG Yes 40
Contortionist AG No 20
Deceive FEL No 27
Disguise FEL No 27
Dodge AG Yes 40
Drive:Ground Vehicle AG Yes 40
Evaluate INT No 25
Forbidden Lore:Xenos INT Yes 50
Gamble INT No 25
Inquiry FEL No 27
Intimidate S Yes 44
Literacy INT Yes 50
Logic INT No 23
Navigation:Surface INT Yes 50
Psyniscience PER Yes 53
Scholastic Lore:Codex Astartes INT Yes 50
Search PER No 27
Silent Move AG Yes 50
Speak Language:High Gothic INT Yes 50
Speak Language:Low Gothic INT Yes 50
Swim S No 22
Tactics: Recon & Stealth INT Yes 50
Tracking INT Yes Yes 60

Astartes Weapons Training
Bulging Biceps
Deathwatch Training
Heightened Senses (Hearing, Sight, Smell)
Killing Strike
Nerves of Steel
Quick Draw
Resistance (Psychic Powers)
Talented (Silent Move)
True Grit
Unarmed Master

Unnatural Strength (x2)
Unnatural Toughness (x2)

Wolf Senses Solo Mode Ability
Psy Rating: 3
Pychic Powers: Reading, Avenger, Smite

Advances Taken
Tracking +10 (200XP)
WS +5 (200XP)
Int +5 (200XP)
Canis Salient Stealth Operations Deed (300XP)


Anders Rymdvarg was born into the Blod Yxa clan on Fenris into a family of trackers. His lineage stretched back through centuries and his forefathers were always the lead trackers of the clan. His skills at tracking, even at a young age, outshon even his father and he seemed to have an uncanny sixth sense as to where the prey would be. He seemed to be able to sense the prey even before the master trackers had picked up the scent. It wasn’t long before the Sky Warriors descended from their peak at Asaheim and selected him taking him off to the fortress of Russ. His trials saw him left in the wilderness with only a knife with orders not to retun until he’d slain a wolf. He returned in record time with the pelt of the largest Fenrisian wolf seen in 310 years. It was discovered that his uncanny tracking ability was in part due to a latent psychic ability and after the trials he was taken from his Blood Claw pack and sent to the Rune Priests. His tracking abilities, combined with his now enhanced wolf senses and his psychic ‘foresight’ often saw him sent to the vanguard of the assaults helping lead and direct the assaults to maximise the element of surprise.

After 25 years of service in the 6th Company he came to the attentions of Inquisitor Voltemand during the assault and taking of Mahlep 123 and his services were requested for the Deathwatch. He began operations in the Canis Salient, tracking Tau Ethereals and directing the Scouts and Kill Marines in infiltration and assasination missions.

Runepriest Anders 'The Hunter' Rymdvarg

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