Brother-Sergeant Marcus Aurelius


Career Path : Tactical Marine
Current Rank : 1
XP spent : 13000
XP to spend : 0

Fate points : 4


Characteristic Value Modifier
Weapon Skill 44
Ballistic Skill 48
Strength 44 4
Toughness 45 4
Agility 43 4
Intelligence 47 4
Perception 45 4
Willpower 46 4
Fellowship 50 5


Skill Char Trained +10% +20% Total
Awareness PER Yes 45
Barter FEL No 25
Carouse T No 22
Charm FEL Yes 50
Ciphers:Chapter Runes Int Yes 47
Climb S Yes 44
Comand FEL Yes Yes 60
Common Lore:Adeptus Astartes INT Yes 47
Common Lore:Deathwatch INT Yes 47
Common Lore:War INT Yes 47
Concealment AG Yes 43
Contortionist AG No 21
Deceive FEL No 25
Disguise FEL No 25
Dodge AG Yes 43
Drive:Ground Vehicle AG Yes 43
Evaluate INT No 23
Forbidden Lore:Xenos INT Yes 47
Gamble INT No 23
Inquiry FEL No 25
Intimidate S Yes 44
Literacy INT Yes 47
Logic INT No 23
Navigation:Surface INT Yes 47
Scholastic Lore:Codex Astartes INT Yes 47
Search PER No 22
Silent Move AG Yes No
Speak Language:High Gothic INT Yes 47
Speak Language:Low Gothic INT Yes 47
Swim S No 22
Tactics:Defensive Doctorine INT Yes 47
Tracking INT Yes 47
Talent or Trait Description
Unnatural Strength x2
Unnatural Toughness x2
Space Marine Implants #Various
Bolter Mastery Solo mode: +10 BS & +2 Dmg with bolt weapons
Lead from the front +1 to squad cohesion with power armour
Ambidextrous Use either hand
Bulging Biceps Remove need for bracing
Killing Strike Using a FP on All out attack makes parry/dodge impossible
Unarmed Warrior Attack for 1d10-3+SB
Nerves of Steel Re-roll failed tests to avoid pinning
Quick Draw Ready as free action
True Grit Reduces critical damage
Unarmed master Attack for 1d10+SB (not primitive)
Heightened Senses (Sound, Sight) Gain +10 to spec awareness tests
Resistance (Psychic) Gain +10 to resist effects
Air of Authority Affect 1d10+ Fel targets with command
Rapid Reload Halves reload times
Weapons Class Range ROF Dmg Pen Clip Rld Special
Bolt Pistol Pistol 30m S/3/- 2d10+5 X 5 14 Full Tearing
Bolter Basic 100m S/2/4 2d10+5 X 5 28 Full Tearing
Heavy Bolter Heavy 150m //10 2d10+10 X 6 60 Full Tearing
3 Frag Grenades Thrown SBx3 S 2d10 X 0 Blast 5
3 Krak Grenades Thrown SBx3 S 3d10+4 X 0
Combat Knife Melee 1d10+2 R 2
Power Armour AP Enhanced Strength Awareness mod Special
Mk 8 8/11 +20 +10 Headshots roll D10; 8-10 count as hit to the body

Brother-Sergeant Marcus Aurelius

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