The Acheros Contract

Golgenna Reach - Space Hulk

Brazen Sky suddenly develops critical fault with Life Support systems.
Drops out of hyper space.
Drake detects a large, derelict Space Hulk drifting in the vacinity. He scans it and discovers that it should contain the parts required to repair the Life Support.

Dock with Space Hulk.

Split into two parties to search for supplies.
Hulk is in strangely good condition, but depressurised and abandoned.

Discover strange, beetle-like robotic creatures apparently rewiring the Hulk.

Pat’s Acolyte captured. Leg forcibly amputated and replaced with limb of ‘Living Metal’.
Mind controlled by Havelock, attacks and critically wounds Adept Lazarus

Dr Simeon Havelock now a Necron Pariah controls the ship. The ship had been on an expedition to investigate a newly discovered Pylon.

Ian’s Acolyte escapes from Havelock and is chased by Flayed Ones.
Only escapes by being flushed from a drainage airlock into deep space.



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