The Acheros Contract

Sepheris Secundus - Gorgonid Mines

Given task by Lazarus
- Investigate the ‘Brotherhood of Malice’ and the individual known as ‘The Enunciator’

The Imperial Guard Encampment
- Meet Commissar Nihilius
- Speak to crazed guardsman

Into the Mines
- Enter via the Seal
- Walkway collapses
- Find Imperial Guard Survivors

Corruption in the Shatters
- Fight with Mutants
- Find corrupting crystal
- Discover that The Enunciator has taken tainted ore and is shipping out on a freighter

Desperate Escape
- Horde of mutants attack
- Desperate fight towards upper level
- Serverus uses mine equipment to boost transmission signal to call for assistance
- Drake hurtles ship down through the central mine-shaft to extract the party
- Huge mutated creature collapses platform before Arbitrator Lionus is onboard. Both plummet ino the depths of the mine



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